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We value the sentiments of our precious customers, hence offer meritorious services for the betterment of our clients and customers.

Salon Management Software
24th Sep 2016

Unisex Salon(DELHI)

Unisex Salon is one of the most recommended salons in the fashion industry. However, a few months ago Unisex Salon was going through a hard time wherein they were unable to manage their client relations. One very fortunate day they contacted us and we offered them our refined software for managing and maintaining their client relations. Since then Unisex Salon has acquired more clients from different parts of the country and is adding more revenue to its kitty.

02th Oct 2017

Fusion Salon(Punjab)

Fusion Salon was facing trouble while dealing with the entire payroll system. SalonERP provided them assistance along with sophisticated payroll management software to manage their payroll system efficiently and effectively. As payroll plays a vital role in the business we take immense care that all the benefits of both employees and employer is taken into consideration while creating payroll management software. Since then Fusion Salon having a good time while managing its entire payroll system.

our clients
24th Jan 2018

Pind Unisex Salon(Haryana)

Salon is a place full of products of different companies. Maintaining the stock of beauty products is an exhausting task in itself and similarly Sarita salon was also not able to maintain and manage the stock of products in their premises as a result they were losing a large number of customer base. SalonERP provided them with our hi-tech product management system and now they are ever ready to meet the demands of their clients through availability of different beauty and fashion products.

04th June 2019

Tonic Salon(Pune)

Tonic Salon had all the factors which make a salon business to be successful. However, the marketing strategies adopted by Tonic Salon were not up to the mark and due to this very reason they were not able to extend their business. We at SalonERP understand the importance of marketing. We offered Tonic Salon the marketing tactics and software to expend their business as much as possible.